Luther500 Festival

Lost And Found & Terra Lu Travel

LOST AND FOUND is Michael Bridges and George Baum, two musicians who have been traveling throughout the world for 30 years performing their own brand of original folk music and serving the Church in the process.  For many years they were full-time working musicians, and regular fixtures at Lutheran events, both Seminary graduates with parish and teaching experience. Today, they do not tour full time, but they perform six or eight concerts a year mostly Luther: The Rock Opera which they wrote in 2017 along with their pal Rich Melheim.  When not in Germany or out for one of the occasional concerts, George serves as the Rector of an Episcopal congregation in Ohio, and Michael is the Chief Content Officer for a tech company in Los Angeles building smart digital assistants for mobile messenger platforms and smart speakers.

But when we say the Festival is presented by LOST AND FOUND, we do not mean to suggest they are working alone.

The Festival is organized in Germany by LOST AND FOUND friends from Terra Lu Travel. They specialize in land tours and accommodations in “Terra Lutherana," the  Land of Luther. Every year many tour operators, churches, universities, and choirs use the services of Terra Lu for hand-made group travels. Terra Lu Travel turns the Luther500 Festival idea event into a reality in Wittenberg, and will provide all the necessary  arrangements. Terra Lu Travel is founded and owned by Rev. Christian Utpatel, who before he started the company, was the National Youth Pastor of the independent Lutheran Church in Germany for 11 years and has been involved in youth ministry since he was a confirmand.  These days, his company organizes tours for thousands of visitors to Germany and throughout Europe each year.

The Festival happens with the help of many Volunteers. We are thankful to get the expertise of many friends from Lutheran congregations in Germany who have long-term experience with church gatherings, retreats, and camps!  LOST AND FOUND and Terra Lu's strong relationships with local congregations permit a level of cultural exchange, engagement and interaction that is generally not a part of traditional travel experiences in Europe.