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Let us know how many spaces and which rooms you'd like.  We'll keep a very careful chronological record of the registrations in case all the rooms fill -- we can accommodate 200 people for the June 2019 Festival -- to be sure the early birds get the spaces.  And we will contact you starting April 2, 2018, in the order in which you signed up, about payments.  You'll be able to pay by credit card or check, and in installments if you like. This way, for now, you can reserve your spaces, and then make plans, have a meeting, talk to your group or your family, and decide in earnest after Easter 2018. No money necessary now, but you can reserve your space.

You can also just easily let us know you are generally interested without a list of rooms or numbers of people, just fill out the form quickly and leave the numbers blank.  

The price on the room includes the registration (program, admissions, day trips, two meals a day, interest centers, insurance at the festival) as well as the housing, all in one price.

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15% discount
All housing is in a hotel. There are rooms that hold two travelers and single rooms, plus a very limited number of rooms (first come first served) that accommodate three people. Tell us below how many rooms you need, singles, doubles, or the occasional triple.

Cancellations & Refunds

We follow the terms and conditions of our in-country German partner, Terra Lu travel.  It's always a good idea to get some travel insurance if you are concerned about cancellation.  For out part, since we pay non-refundable deposits to hold venues including accommodations,  we can offer a refund of all but your 10% deposit if you cancel prior to December 1, 2018.  We can offer you a 50% refund on cancellations made by April 21, eight weeks prior to the Luther500 Festival.  Within eight weeks of the festival, we can no longer offer refunds on cancellations.  Of course, you are welcome to transfer registrations and change travelers up until the day of the Festival, so if you have a cancellation perhaps you can find someone who'd like to fill that spot.  However, it's unlikely that we'd be able to change accommodations and cannot make any guarantees in that regard. That just means that if you switch one traveler for another -- transfer a registration -- that new traveler would have to take the hotel space of the traveler being replaced at the Festival.